Minerals and Mining in Gilmanton, New Hampshire,  Candace Daigle, 1996
Surface Water and Wetlands Map

Surficial Geologic Map Of The Gilmanton IronWorks Quadrangle
The Geology of New Hampshire Part III - Minerals and Mines, TR Meyers and Glenn Stewart Third Printing 1964
The Geology of the Gilmanton Quadrangle New Hampshire  Milton Heald 1955

Volunteer Lake Assessment Program Individual Lake Reports-Shellcamp Pond-2020

Volunteer Lake Assessment Program Individual Lake Reports-Sawyer Lake-2020

See Research Page and Maps Page for additional Information


Cogswell Homestead  Cogswell Road #5, Tax Lot 415-017-000-000
     New Hampshire Agriculture with Personal and Farm Sketches 1897
Gales Mill  1853 Grist Mill
Price Farm  Shannon Road #18, Tax LOt 415-033-000-000  
Granite State Dairy 2014
Sanborn/Wilson Farm  
Upper City Road #125, Tax Lot 426-002-000-000
Gilmanton’s historic Bosiak Farm burns during storm 01/27/2015
Baxter, Jean & Bill – Retirees Discover New Careers Growing Grapes  1988
     Forst, Elaine – Granite State’s Top Dairy Farmer  1988
     Gardner, Amy – “Milk is Cool”  1988
Gates, Kenneth - Burros
  News undated
     NH Farm Homes 1914
     New Hampshire Agriculture with Personal and Farm Sketches 1897
Going Back to the Old Farm

Community Buildings

Also see Postcards

Academy-Town Offices, 503 Province Road, 127-001-000-000, Pictures, Postcards
Gilmanton Academy Memories Face Book 2023
Gilmanton residents want town hall entrance unlocked  01/04/2019 Union Leader
Selectmen's Press Release re:Locked Doors  08/06/2018
Time to unlock the front door to Gilmanton's town offices  06/06/2018 Laconia Daily Sun
Gilmanton selectmen: Town hall closed by overwhelming response to political sign controversy  03/09/2018 Union Leader
Why the security concern at Gilmanton Academy building?
  03/02/2018 Laconia Daily Sun

Marble-faced clock is Gilmanton treasure  01/22/2018  Union Leader
Painters freshen up Gilmanton town office building  Concord Monitor 9/20/2017

2015 Damages from burst pipe
     WMUR Video
     WMUR Articles
Town Office/Building Use Study 1987
Gilmanton Academy was incorporated in 1794, " of the three academies first founded in the state...". In 1808 the original building burned; the second building also burned, in 1894, and was replaced with the current building, which now houses the town offices. Gilmanton Theological Seminary was provided for by the terms of the original charter of Gilmanton Academy. Rev. Heman Rood, from New Milford, Connecticut, was the first professor in 1835. By 1841 a large, three-story brick building designed by Ammi B. Young was completed for the seminary's use. Wikipedia  More...  
The Fire Between the Fires A brief history of Gilmanton, New Hampshire, Academy - Ehrensperger, Harold, Author -  1973 - a history of the life and devasting fires of the Gilmanton Academy, 17 pages
Gilmanton Theological Seminary The NH Repository, Rev William Cogswell, July, 1846

Corners Library, 503 Province Road, 127-001-000-000
Library Book Chats  Feb, 2023
Email your book, CD or DVD request to Gilmanton Library  02/17/2021 Laconia Daily Sun
Gilmanton Corner Library to start indoor book sale  07/18/2020 Laconia Daily Sun

Corner Library is a Gilmanton "Gem" hiding in plain sight  03/29/2019 Laconia Daily Sun
Library - Interior Renovations-2016
100 Years  Concord Monitor 07/04/2012

Corners Post Offices
Ponder Fate of Gilmanton’s Former Post Office  1970, 8 Cat Alley, Tax Lot 127-048

Kelley's Corner School, 12 Sanborn Hill Road, 426-034-000-000
The Kelley's Corner School, was listed on the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places on April 28, 2008.  It is the last of the many one-room schoolhouses in Gilmanton to remain in public ownership. Authorized in 1778, this one-room school house served the community as a school for more than 100 years. It is still used as a community building, holding an important place in the social life of the community, and is a sole survivor of this building type in the town of Gilmanton.The Gilmanton School Board closed the Kelley's Corner School at the end of the 1939-1940 school year, as well as three other one-room schools that were still in use at that time; the Smith Meeting House School, the Gale School, and the Potter School. For the 1940-1941 school year, Gilmanton's elementary schools were consolidated into two facilities, one at the Corners in the Academy building, and one at the Iron Works.

Kelley Corner School House receives 2020 Moose Plate Grant  01/07/2021 Laconia Daily Sun
Renewed push to preserve a one-room schoolhouse in Gilmanton  12/28/2020 Concord Monitor
Interior 06/15/20 Facebook
Finding a New Life for the Kelley Corner School - 05/15/2019 NH Magazine
Kelley Corner School Restoration Project - April 2017-October 2018
Dinner supports school repairs  09/29/2016 Concord Monitor
Gilmanton receives letter and photos from 1938-40 teacher at one-room Kelley's Corner School  12/22/2009 Daily Sun
Barn formerly abutting Kelley Corner School House  Picture shows back of school house where two windows were removed in 1930 when the State mandated schools install larger windows to let in light.

Odd Fellows Hall/Old Town Hall, 1800 NH Rt 140, 115-042-000-000, Pictures
The Odd Fellows Hall/Old Town Hall 
was listed on the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places on January 24, 2011. Constructed in 1902-03 for Highland Lodge #33, this all-wood building with a Second Empire tower had space on the second floor for the local Grange. It is one of only two buildings to survive the 1915 fire that gutted the village, and has been in continuous use as a town gathering space and voting station for more than 100 years.

LCHIP awards $75K grant to Old Town Hall  Union Leader 12/15/2021
Please support restoration work on Gilmanton's Old Town Hall
 Laconia Daily Sun 03/05/2020
Condition Assessment Report of December 10, 2019
Condition Assessment & Recommendations of November 6, 2019

Report of December 10, 2018
Benefit Concert held at Old Town Hall 05/27/2017
Report of October 4, 2010
GIW Town Hall Looking Good
Town Office/Building Use Study 1987

Town Poor Farms
From its earliest settlements New Hampshire has struggled with issues surrounding the treatment of its poor. The early Northeastern colonies followed the lead of England's 1601 Poor Law, which imposed compulsory taxes for maintenance of the poor but made no distinction between the "vagrant, vicious poor" and the helpless, and honest poor. This confusion persisted for generations and led directly to establishment in most of the state's towns of almshouses, poor farms, and, later, county institutions which would collectively come to form a dark chapter in New Hampshire history. Poor Houses and Town Farms: The Hard Row for Paupers-Steve Taylor

What if the poor were sent to work on town-owned farms? They were and it wasn't pretty  07/23/2016 Concord Monitor
Unity Almshouse  Sara Poisson 2009
Silent Voices From the Past  Sara Poisson 2010

Gilmanton's Poor Farms
First Gilmanton Poor Farm:  Until 1830 Gilmanton "auctioned out" paupers.  In 1830 a farm on Meetinghouse Road (Tax Lot 419-028-000-000)
 was purchased from Lewis W. Gilman (grandson of Jotham Gilman). Paupers were sent to the farm to work as able. In 1845 Daniel Ayers was the owner and appointed "overseer". On October 22, 1847, the dwelling at the town farm burned.

Second Gilmanton Town Farm:  A special town meeting was held. It was voted to sell the Ayers property and buy the Moses Stevens farm on Town Farm Road ( Tax Lot 420-073-000-000) for $3,000.  In 1870 this second town farm was sold as it was too expensive to maintain for the small number of paupers. They were then boarded out.

Plan & Tax Map

Town Histories re: Poor Farms
Town Report Excerpts

Laconia State School: Once Gilmanton closed its Poor Farm, some indigent residents were also placed at the Laconia State School.  Residents were also placed there by families unable to provide care for them.
State School panel wants historic and market studies  Laconia Daily Sun 12/20/2018
A year in, more questions than answers for State School land  Laconia Daily Sun 12/07/2018
Retirement community no longer in plan for State School land  Laconia Daily Sun 12/04/2018
“Their” land will not be taken for private development  Laconia Daily Sun 11/28/2018
Unmarked graves a possibility at State School site  Laconia Daily Sun 11/24/2018
Closing the Doors:  Laconia State School documentary shines light on the negative impact of  mental institutions  Concord Monitor 07/29/2012
Honoring "forgotten" dead of Laconia School
  Union Leader 06/10/2012
Laconia State School: documenting a history some would rather forget  Daily Sun 04/28/2010
Laconia State School  Daily Sun 04/30/2007
Lost in Laconia - The History of the Laconia State School  Community Support Network Inc
Laconia State School - Facebook page

Community Places

For Churches see Religious page

Crystal Lake (aka Lougee Pond)
Ice Disk WMUR YouTube 02/2019 
Lake Drawdown 09/28/2018 Laconia Daily Sun

Gilmanton Corners
Gilmanton Corners - Earlier and Later

Gilmanton Iron Works
Isaiah S Robinson Fund

Frisky Hill   
Frisky Hill is on Province
Road, and runs from Loon Pond Road to Smith Meetinghouse Road.  It is well known for its beautiful view over Loon Pond.  It was previously the site of a small cemetery.  When the State widened the road, the occupants of the cemetery were relocated to the Smith Meetinghouse Cemetery.
      Scenic Parking Proposal  2022

     The Fight For Frisky Hill  NPR 8/17/2013
      Priceless Views  Concord Monitor 9/16/2012

GIW Blacksmith Shop
GIW Blacksmith Shop  One day prior (1930's?) to being burned by the Town Courtesy/Comment John Carter
GIW 1780 Blacksmith Shop, Oldest Blacksmith Shop in New England  1923 Leslie Jones Photo
GIW 1780 Blacksmith Shop  Postcard

Manning Lake (aka Youngs Pond, Guinea Pond)

Mary Butler Homestead
The site of the Mary Butler Homestead is located on the Class VI portion of Mary Butler Lane in Gilmanton Corners.  Mary Butler Eastman gained fame as a result of her ride from her wilderness home in Gilmanton to Cambridge to learn the fate of her husband after the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Much has been reported of the feat and the strength and devotion evidenced also was celebrated in poem and illustration.  Mary Butler Eastman and her husband, Lt. Ebenezer Eastman, are buried in Copp Cemetery on Province Road.  The site is under the care of the Cemetery Trustees.

Meadow Pond 
The portion today called Meadow Pond was originally a wet meadow that was annually hayed until the dam was constructed and that area was flooded.  Anecdote
Floating Island-2018

National Register of Historic Places
Listed Properties
Centre Congregational Church
First Baptist Church of Gilmanton
Gilmanton Academy
Gilmanton Iron Works Library
Smith Meeting House

New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources
NH Historical Highway Markers
  Old Province Road  NH Division of Historical Resources

NH Register of Historic Places
Kelley's Corner School House
Odd Fellows Hall/Old Town Hall

Round Pond

Sawyer Lake (aka Factory Reservoir)
Sawyer Lake District
Sawyer Lake Composite Plan

Shellcamp Pond was thus named by certain hunters, who, in the winter of 1749 and 1750, ventured into this wilderness with their guns, traps, and fishing apparatus, and encamped for the winter on the Western shore of this Pond. They found a large, hollow, pine tree fallen in a favorable position for a shelter, and in this shell of a tree, they made their camp during their stay. It was ever after called by them Shellcamp Pond.  
The History of Gilmanton 1845
2019 Lake Drawdown  01/05/2019 Laconia Daily Sun
Aerial View  Bruce Atkinson 08/17/2020

Shellcamp Dam reconstruction  1977

Town Pound - 413-019-000-000  Pictures
The Cemetery Trustees manage the Town Pound site.  There is no formal historic designation of the Pound.
Local lore tells us that the men who moved some of the extremely large granite and boulders to the site by hand with oxen and horses chiseled their initials into places on the walls. Certainly, several such initials can still be found today.
The Town regularly elected a Keeper of the Pound and the last known person to hold that position was Earl Ellsworth.

2015 - The underlying property was subdivided, creating a separate lot that encompasses the Town Pound which was transferred to the Town of Gilmanton. The approved plan also included a 50' protective easement around the Town Pound. 

Tax Lot 413-019-000-000  Recorded Plan     Restrictive Deed
Gilmanton Selectmen accept deed to town pound  Citizen 03/12/2016
Gilmanton officials say word got around on plan for Town Pound  Citizen 10/22/2015
Gilmanton board approves plans to build around the Town Pound  Citizen 10/10/2015

2014 - During the winter of 2014, a large granite stone supporting the entry-way capstone was partially dislodged by NH DOT plowing activities. This was speedily repaired by DOT in April, 2015. 

1994 - Winchester Used to Safeguard Property  Suncook Sun 12/14/1994

1807 - the Town authorized the Selectmen to rebuild the Pound and to build it of stone. The location was changed and the new Pound was placed a little Southward of William Peaslee's, where it now stands.  News

1801 - the Town adopted a By-law restricting cattle, sheep and swine from being at-large, incommoding travelers and teamsters by destroying hay and provender given to the horses and cattle of such travelers and teamsters.

1783 - the Town first authorized the Selectmen to build "a pound" on the school lot, near the Congregational Meeting House.  Origin of the Gilmanton Pound, Richard Arms as excepts from the Gilmanton History

Town Pounds of New Hampshire  Nashua Telegraph 07/28/1998
New Hampshire's Town Pounds: Not Gone But Often Forgotten  Union Leader
Town Pounds of New England  Atlas of New England 04/21/2012

Valley Shores Family Club
Valley Shores Family Club Section II

Conserved Properties & Public Trails

Maps and Data
Conservation Lands Map 2010
Natural Resources Co-occurrence Map 2006
Natural Resources Inventory and Appendices
Town Forests Map 2008
Unfragmented Lands Map 2005

Individual Sites

Cogswell Mountain Conservation Area

Durrell Farm Conservation Area
   Mitchell Conservation - 2023_0313

Tom Howe Barn & Conservation Area - 245 Meeting House Road
   Named to NH State Register of Historic Places, Jul/2022

   NH State Register of Historic Places Application, Feb/2022
   Property Ownership, Deeds, Map

Charles Kelley Memorial Forest - Kelley Corners, Province Road at Route 129
Charles Kelley Memorial Forest

Paul & Ella Stroud Family Forest - Shellcamp Road
   Land rich in history tapped for conservation in Gilmanton
 12/17/2007 Laconia Citizen

Thompson Town Forest

George Twigg III - Frisky Hill & Loon Pond Road
   Priceless Views  Concord Monitor 9/16/2012

Joe Urner Trail at Meetinghouse Pond - 245 Meeting House Road
   Map - 07/2022
   Map - 02/2022

William Webster Memorial Forest - Rte 129, Rollins Pond
Land rich in history tapped for conservation in Gilmanton 12/17/2007 Laconia Citizen

Wilson/Sapiro - Meadow Pond, Loon Pond & Stockwell Hill Roads, 164 acres, Five Rivers Conservation Trust
5 Rivers Conservation Trust  09/09/2019     Concord Monitor  01/01/2019     Laconia Daily Sun  12/21/2018     Laconia Daily Sun  03/02/2018     Laconia Daily Sun  02/20/2018     

Other Properties of Note

Cat Alley #8, Tax Lot 127-048-000-000 Former Post Office
Ponder Fate of Gilmanton’s Former Post Office  1970
Elm Street, #5, Tax Lot 115-032-000-000 IW Village Store
     The Village Store, Still with Pumps!  Pic 1 Virginia Jahnle Collection
Manning Lake Road #159, Tax Lot 402-004-000-000 Boy Scouts of America
     Gilmanton Boy Scout Camp Seeks to Expand 1999
Meeting House Road #52, Tax Lot 419-040-000-000 Bean/Forten/McIntyre House
NH Rt 140, #452, Tax Lot 128-014-000-000
Old Town Road #3, Tax Lot 115-006-000-000, Websters Store
Province Road #493, Tax Lot 127-057-000-000, The Prescott House
Province Road #506, Tax Lot 127-049-000-000 The Tavern, Pub
The Tavern 1970 - Collins, John J, Author - Includes the History and Description with floorplan of this 1793 Tavern House and Store, 20 pages
Province Road #513, Tax Lot 127-002-000-000 The "original" Corner Store, Pictures
     A Special Home-The Old Corner Store in Gilmanton, NH   06/27/2018 Roy Sanborn
     Great American Country Video
     The Original Gilmanton Corner Store  05/09/2017 Roy Sanborn
Gilmanton Home Gets Attention from HGTV-513Provine Rd  2017
Province Road #518, Tax Lot 127-037-000-000 Corner Store/Cafe
     Pictures 2015, 2016, 2019
Province Road #525, Tax Lot 127-008-000-000 - The Brick House
     New owners look to restore Gilmanton's Brick House
     Time Present and Time Past  
10/17/2018 Daily Sun

Province Road #549, Tax Lot 128-018-000-000 - The Wight House
     The Wight House  7/26/
2018 Roy Sanborn
Province Road #1246, Tax Lot 419-065-000-000 - Farley Garrison House Larissa Mulkern
       YouTube HouzzTV 
Stage Road #207, Tax Lot 418-009-000-000
     Fire Destroys auto repair business in Gilmanton barn  5/26/2018 UL

Upper City Road #125, Tax Lot 426-002-000-000  Bosiak/Sanborn Farm
     Gilmanton’s historic Bosiak Farm burns during storm 01/27/2015