Gilmanton People in History

Badger, Joseph, founder of the denomination specifically known as "Christian".  NH In History 1922
Badger, Governor William
Belmont’s oldest home predates the town  Laconia Daily Sun 01/05/2021
Bean, Nehemiah S., builder of the first steam fire engine  NH In History 1922
Nehemiah Bean and the Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine, Manchester Historic Association

Colonel Thomas Cogswell - The Granite Monthly July 1886
Eastman, Mary Butler - Mary Butler Eastman gained fame as a result of her ride from her wilderness home in Gilmanton to Cambridge to learn the fate of her husband after the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Much has been reported of the feat and the strength and devotion evidenced also was celebrated in poem and illustration.  The Butler Homesite is located on the Class VI portion of Mary Butler Lane in Gilmanton Corners.  Mary Butler Eastman and her husband, Lt. Ebenezer Eastman, are buried in Copp Cemetery on Province Road.  The site is under the care of the Cemetery Trustees.

French, John C., North Carolina State Representative  NH In History 1922
Sanborn, John F., Member of Canadian Parliament and Judge of the Court of Queen's Bench  NH In History 1922
Spofford, Ainsworth R., Washington Library of Congress  NH In History 1922
Spofford, Henry M., Louisiana Associate Supreme Court Justice  NH In History 1922


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Arms, Elizabeth Widger, Author - The Dear Old Lake, Memories of Crystal Lake and the Village of Gilmanton Iron Works  2006  Maps, Stories, Pictures, Postcards, starting from the early History of the Village, 170 pages
Baiocchetti, Officer Vinnie Say No
Baldwin, Carolyn  Union Leader 05/14/2020
Baldwin-Welcome, Sarah  Scriven 09/24/2016
Barnes, Rev., Jim  Daily Sun3/1/2018
Baxter, Jean & Bill – Retirees Discover New Careers Growing Grapes  1988
Heidi Beck Scholarship Semi-Finalist
Mr. & Mrs. David Bickford-Anniversary
Bishop, Sunny &  Marshall News Undates
Blesh, Rudi  Scriven 07/02/2018
     Blesh, Rudi  Daily Sun 06/21/2018

Boulanger, Evan  Daily Sun 3/31/
Bradshaw, Alaiyo  Scriven 08/04/2018
Bragg Georgie E and Robbins Roscoe D Marriage  News undated
Brown, Cynthia Louise Pennock, Author - Notes and Excerpts from Lancaster's History of Gilmanton 
Setting down briefly and chronologically the chief events and incidents of interest in the early settling of the town, 23 pages
Brown, Earl
Burnham, Aidan  Daily Sun 4/12/
Burnham, Alex  Daily Sun 4/12/
Burnham, Anthony  Daily Sun 4/12/
Chalmers, Lillian Eveleth
Chimielecki, Frank-Two Escape Early Morning Gilmanton Fire
Collins, John J., Author - The Tavern 1970 Includes the History and Description with floor plan of this 1793 Tavern House and Store, 20 pages
Clairmont, Omar  Union Leader 06/14/2020

Cotnoir, Caden  Daily Sun 04/10/2021
Cottrell Family  07/31/2019 Union Leader

Cottrell, Isabella  Daily Sun 3/4/
     Cottrell, Isabella
  Daily Sun 3/20/2019
Cumming, Jane Scriven 
     Scriven Arts Colony pays tribute to bon vivant of Gilmanton's past  Laconia Daily Sun 05/11/2016
Gilmanton Woman Chronicles Town’s Past  Citizen 09/27/1993
     Turn of the Century Summers in Gilmanton Corner  Suncook Valley Sun 07/21/1993
     Gilmanton Summers, Memories of a New Hampshire Village in the Early 1900sAuthor, 1993
Daigneau, Robert
Dawson, Robert & Lee
Dockham, Daniel Daily Sun 07/26/2019     
     Dockham, Daniel  Daily Sun 5/22/2018
     Dockham, Daniel  Union Leader 5/07/2018
     Dockham, Daniel  Daily Sun 05/11/2016
Donahue, Bill
Downs, John Wood Carver  2008
Dudley, Beatrice
Dudley, Dean
Ehrensperger, Harold, Author - The Fire Between the Fires, A Brief History of Gilmanton, New Hampshire, Academy 1973 
a history of the life and devasting fires of the Gilmanton Academy, 17 pages
Edgerly, Frank A
Ellingson, Evelyn M., Author - Back Porch Tales  1974 
Unique Collection, Old photos, Cartoons, True Stories of Real People; an unusual book aimed basically at the funny side of history, 76 pages
Emond, Wilfred A Testimonial
Evans-Brown, Sam  Scriven 06/30/2017
Laconia Daily Sun 06/26/2017
Eveleth, Hannah Jane
Fletcher, Hazel  WMUR 02/23/2017
Forst, Elaine – Granite State’s Top Dairy Farmer  1988
Frost, Karl M., Author - Back Porch Tales
  1974 Unique Collection, Old photos, Cartoons, True Stories of Real People; an unusual book aimed basically at the funny side of history, 76 pages
Foss, Richard & Lois
French, Sylvester F and Mercy
Gardner, Amy – “Milk is Cool”  1988
Garen, June – Workplace Violence Risk & Assessment & Resulting Plan a Must  2017
Gates, Kenneth - Burros  News undated
Geddes, Jack

Gilman, Horace T
Goddard, Stephen  Concord Monitor 03/07/2020
Golding, Doris Chalmers
Good, B. Stafford  Daily Sun 11/02/2019 & Citizen 10/27/2007
Green, Emma and Lane, Ernest Marriage  News undated
Griffin, Harold and Doris, Authors - The Centre Congregational Church 1826-1976  1976 
a history upon the 150th anniversary of The Corner Church, 24 pages
Guarino, Justin Scriven 08/10/2019
     Guarino, Justin  Anchorage Daily News 04/18/2021

Hackett, Tyler F.  Daily Sun 2/13/
Harper, Molly  Daily Sun 11/26/2019

Hawkins, Lucile
Hemlin, Nancy Continues Weaving Tradition of Finnish Family

Hughes, Emily Miss Lakes Region 2001  2002
Hyslop, Donald
Jordan, Sr. Harold V.  Town Records
Kuiper, Jonathan  Daily Sun 7/28/
Lander, Jessica, Author - Driving Backwards 2014 
A poignant exploration of the vividness of the everyday, blending three hundred years of colorful history
     Lander, Jessica  Concord Monitor 8/14/2014
     Lander, Jessica  Concord Monitor 7/15/2014

E-2 Stephen LaRoche
Laurendeau, Joe  Daily Sun 1/15/
Leavitt, Dudley  Roadside History 2/26/2016
Maher, Edward J., Author - A Brief History of Smith Meeting House Gilmanton, New Hampshire  1969 
A history of the need for and establishment of the first meeting house, 22 pages
Mason, Lt., Lemuel B.  Daily Sun 7/4/2018
McCormack, Jeff  Daily Sun 3/9/
McCulloch, Ian  Daily Sun 08/28/2019
     Scriven 09/06/2019

McIntyre, Philip E
McNamara, Marc  Daily Sun 10/19/
Metalious, Grace  Multiple
     Duprey, Marsha  Scriven 07/29/2016

Mitchell, Betty  Daily Sun 2/28/
Mitchell, Nanci  Daily Sun 10/4/
Morgan, Alice News undated

Mudgett, Herman Webster  Multiple

Munsey, Gloria & Maurice Anniversary  2000
Nelson, George PTA Honor News undated
Nighswander, Matthew Scriven 07/05/2016
     Laconia Daily Sun 06/17/2016

Norell, William – Gilmanton Woodworker Takes Pride in His Work
Oakes, Desma  2020
O'Connor, Lynn  Daily Sun 04/15/202009/25/2020     
Olson, Sharon  Scriven 08/06/2016
Owens, Steve  Scriven 09/24/2016
Page, Curtis Hidden Senatorial Candidate  News undated
Page, Deacon Luther and Mrs. Wedding Anniversary  News Undated

Page, Moses Webster - Page Belting Company 1927
Parsons, William M  Men of Progress In and Of New Hampshire
Peaslee, Charles Hazen
Philpot, Chelsey  Scriven 08/02/2019
Pugh, Nick  Scriven 08/25/2018

Moses Quimby Diary
 - 1821-1885 - Free Will Baptist Minister in Southern New Hampshire and Maine
Ranlet, Joseph  Men of Progress In and Of New Hampshire
Roberts, George  Daily Sun 10/29/2019
George Roberts 4th Grade Trip to State House  LR Trader 5/24/1967
Roberts, Jr., Hon. George B  1975
Roberts, Susan named Barnstead School Officer  1999
Robinson, Isaiah S
Russell, David  Daily Sun 1/8/
Derek Sawyer, Junior Editor
Sawyer, Janice
Sawyer, Louise New Life For Older Chairs

Schutt, Martha Ann Golding
Scovill, Lawrence S
Shannon, Edwin Howe   Men of Progress In and Of New Hampshire
Shepard, John 
Shlaitas, Mary A
Shurbert, Louise Place, Author - Gilmanton My Home Town Memoirs of Louise Place Shurbert  2005 A collection of personal memories of the activities behind the real history recorded during her lifetime 1913-1993, 51 pages
Siravo, Adrian  Daily Sun 5/5/2018
Smithers, Elizabeth

Snow, Conrad E  AP Wire
     Snow, Conrad E  Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum
Stockwell, Marion
Stockwell, Jr., Leonard "JR"  Backpacker Magazine, Bill Donohue
Stockwell, Roxey
Roxey Stockwell Given Founder’s Day Award
Tognacci, Taylor  Daily Sun 07/06/2021
Tonnesen, Glenn
Towle, Douglas  Daily Sun 7/24/2019
Towns, Chas  Scriven 10/31/16

Webster, Daniel  Suncook Valley Sun
Webster, Daniel - History Interests
White, Francis "Butch"  Daily Sun 11/28/2017

White, Steve - Archer
Wiggins, David
Williams, Lucinda  Daily Sun 2/3/
Wilson, Kristina  Scriven 08/14/2017
     Laconia Daily Sun 08/14/2017