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The Kelley's Corner School, listed on the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places, is the last of the many one-room schoolhouses in Gilmanton to remain in public ownership. The Gilmanton School Board closed the Kelley's Corner School at the end of the 1939-1940 school year, as well as three other one-room schools that were still in use at that time; the Smith Meeting House School, the Gale School, and the Potter School. For the 1940-1941 school year, Gilmanton's elementary schools were consolidated into two facilities, one at the Corners in the Academy building, and one at the Iron Works.

"After reading about some of the history of the Loon Pond schoolhouse in this page's masthead and subsequent posts, I wanted to relate a story about the Meetinghouse schoolhouse.  Right after Mom's funeral at the Meetinghouse cemetery,  Dad wandered over to a corner of the cemetery to reflect and smoke a cigarette. Cemetery trustee (and local historian) George Page headed over to talk to him and I decided to join them.  When I got there, George had just finished telling Dad that the nearby schoolhouse had once been located right across the road in the middle of the narrow field.  Dad took a drag on his cigarette and said: "No, it wasn't, it was right on the edge of the road."  George became a tad agitated and asked Dad how he knew that.  "I used to go there" was the answer!  Dad told me later that the vagabond Hackett clan (1930s) were living in a long-gone house near Stone Corners a mile or so away and he used to walk the fields in between to attend school." Wayne Hackett, Facebook, 03/26/2020

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