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Steep Frisky Hill Climb a Memory - Herbert Beede
Lower Gilmanton News Dec 1947
Through the Years 1904

People, Places & Things - Reminiscences

Gilmanton Corners - Article, Unknown Date/Author

Tales, Stories and Memories

Bill Donohue on Gilmanton Washington Post 2021
Gilmanton: An historic hotbed - History  Citizen
Corner Ladies Aid Maude Schultz Relates Gilmanton's History  1956
Gilmanton Academy 2023

Gilmanton Iron Works
- Fritz Wetherbee - WMUR 1/4/201
Granite, Walls & Quarries - Community

George Kelley's Memories - Paula Gilman
King Little's Bus - Community
Memories of Days Past - Florence Durgin
Oldest Structure in Gilmanton - Community
Moses Quimby Diary - 1821-1885 - Free Will Baptist Minister in Southern New Hampshire and Maine
Louise Place Shurbert - Recollections
Webster, Daniel
Webster's Store Memories 2023

The Dear Old Lake, Memories of Crystal Lake and the Village of Gilmanton Iron Works - Elizabeth Widger Arms 2006
Gilmanton Summers - Cumming, Jane Scriven, Author, 1993 - 07/21/199309/27/1993, - Memories of a New Hampshire Village in the Early 1900s
Back Porch Tales - Frost, Karl M. and Ellingson, Evelyn M., Authors 1974 - Unique Collection, Old photos, Cartoons, True Stories of Real People; an unusual book aimed basically at the funny side of history, 76 pages
Driving Backwards - Lander, Jessica (with David Bickford), Author 2014 - A poignant exploration of the vividness of the everyday, blending three hundred years of colorful history
Gilmanton My Home Town Memoirs of Louise Place Shurbert - Shurbert, Louise Place, Author 2005 - A collection of personal memories of the activities behind the real history recorded during her lifetime 1913-1993, 51 pages

Tall Tales

Haunted porch-sitting: Ghosts in the area 11/04/2018 Daily Sun   


Squirrel Tale  10/19/2018 Laconia Daily Sun
The Great Squirrel Apocalypse/One Year Later  09/23/2019 New England Today