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Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part1-Stuart Merrill
Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part2-Stuart Merrill
Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part3-Stuart Merrill
Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part4-Stuart Merrill
Barnstead Early Families From 1727 to 1970-Part5-Stuart Merrill
Belmont Town Records at Gilmanton


Avery, Josiah  Submitted Info
Dame, Florence Mansfield  Diary, written while living in the Gilmanton area

Dow, Bill and Richard & George Varney
Eastman, Nehemiah  The Bench and Bar of New Hampshire
Gilman, Ada  Record
Gilman, Charles Andrew  Submitted Info

Gray, Jenness Isaac  Record
Hodgdon, Nicholas P. Hodgdon  Submitted Info
Meserve, Marguerite Emerson  Record
Nicholson, Marion Margaret Murchi  Record
Otis, Sr., Paul Find a Grave

Pervier III, Benjamin  Submitted info
Prescott III, Private Jonathan Submitted Info
Ranlet, Noah Record

Smith, Ebenezer
  Laconia Daily Sun 10/05/2018
Wilson, Capt Nathaniel  24Jun1739-16Feb1819 Submitted Info


Family Names

Achilles 1776-1961
Badger, Giles and His Descendants,
 John Cogswell Badger 1909
Balch 1905
Ball 1901
Batchelder, Batcheller, Bachiler
Battis Frank
Bean, Joshua and Some of His Descendants  1903
Bellows, John 1635-1898
Benson, Jacob
Blair 1900

Boreman, Bordman, Boardman 1876
Brooks 1900

Burnam, Burnham
Cate, Cates 1904
Caverly 1116-1880
Cilley, Gen Joseph 1st Revolutionary War 1900
Clapp, Cheney 1900
Cloyd, Basye, Tapp, Ingels, Jones, Marshall, Smith 1912

Cogswell  Submitted Info
Colcord, Edward 1630-1908
Cooke 1875
Cutter, Dr. Benjamin 1871
Davison, Davidson, Davisson 1899

Dearborn Family Submitted Info
Dimond Dimon, Dymont
Dow Family
Eastman 1901
Eaton Grange, John Eaton, Kimball 1890

Edgerly  Submitted Info
Elkins  NH Genealogical Record
Fenno 1989
Field Vol 1   Vol 2
Folsom 1615-1882
Frohock  Submitted Info
Gale, Tottingham
Gilbert 1850
Gilman  The story of the Gilmans and a Gilman Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Gilman of Hingham, England 1550-1950 by Constance Le Neve Gilman Ames

Gilman, John Vol 1, Nadine Gilman Scott, 1974
Gilman, Jr, Edward Vol 2, Nadine Gilman Scott, 2000
Gilman, Hon. John, England & American, Arthur Gilman 1869

Greely_Greeley Genealogy of the Greely-Greeley Family by George Hiram Greeley 1905

Gray  Submitted Info
 Submitted Info
Ham  Submitted Info and Records
Hardy Records

Harriman 1907
Harris 1883
Haley, Piper, Neal, Ricker 1900
Higgins  Submitted Info
Hills, Samuel 1632
Hills, William 1632
Huckins, Robert 1916
Hurd, Hord
Hurd  Submitted Info
Hutchinson 1896
Kimball, Joseph Family
Ladd  Submitted Info
Lamprey  Records
Leavitt 1967
   Frank L and Betty (Deware) 
McClarys, Frank, Leona, Esther, Jack, George, Marion, Joe, Steve
Morison or Morrison Family 1880
Mudgett, Thomas  Everett Mudgett 1996
Munsey, Hopkins
Norton 1859
Olmstead 1869
Otis  Submitted Info

Parker, Morse 1585-1915
Pearson Submitted Info
Peters 1903
Pilsbery,Pillsbury, William & Dorothy
Prentice, Prentiss 1631-1852
Prescott    Prescott 2
  Records, McIntyre, Submitted Info
Preston 1040
Quimby, Moses
 McIntyre Research
Rogers, Luke and Brown, Sarah Wright 1907

Sanborn, Samborne 1194-1898 Vol 1   Vol 2
Savery, Savory, Savary, Severy, Severit
Shannon  Submitted Info

Sheafe 1901
Sparhawk 1892
Stark, Gen. John 1887

Stevens, New England
Stevens, 1905

Stevens  Submitted Info
Stone 1866
Sutliff, Sutliffe, Sutcliffe
Taintor 1847
Tarleton 1900
Temple, Bowdoin 1856
Tenney 1904
Thacher, Thomas & Anthony
Thayer, Col Abraham
Thayer Family
Thompson 1907
Thornton, Matthew American Revolution 1903
Towne 1880
Urann, Gammell 1910
Usher, 1869

Varney  McIntyre
   Varney Farm    George Varney    Julia Brett Varney   
   Richard & George Varney and Bill Dow    R.F. Varney    Friend's Cemetery Donation
   Genealogy Info    Diary of Richard Varney-1899

Vaughan Genealogy  George E. Hodgdon

Warriner, William 1899
Wheatley, Wheatleigh 1902
White, William 1607-1895
Wilcomb 1655-1902
Willis 1917
Willoughby 1876
Wilson  Submitted Info
     Wilson Memorial Encyclopedia of NH 1919

Winthrop 1864