Community Damage, Storm and Loss Events


Stevens Family Fire  Pittsfield News 1969
Gilmanton Iron Works Swept by Conflagration
  Laconia Democrat 04Jun1915
Gilmanton, NH, Swept by Fire-Several Missing  Boston Globe 28May1915


COVID-19 Virus  

   Daily Trends in Number of COVID-19 Cases in NH Reported to CDC  Laconia Daily Sun 05/27/2021
     COVID Tracker has no good news to start the new year  Laconia Daily Sun 01/05/2021
COVID Tracker  Concord Monitor 07/07/2020
 Four numbers to watch to measure state progress against COVID-19  06/02/2020
     We have Survived Pandemics Before  Concord Monitor 03/29/2020
     In NH, a Similar Time Came A Century Ago
  Concord Monitor 03/28/2020
     Stay at Home Order Issued  Concord Monitor 03/27/2020
     Remember crowded rooms? Adjusting to circumstances beyond our control Union Leader 03/22/2020
     The week that America changed Concord Monitor 03/22/2020

H1N1 Spanish Flu - 1918
     1918 Influenza pandemic felt directly in US, military, Laconia  04/16/2020 Part 5 Daily Sun

     Surgeon General issues instructions for coping with 1918 influenza pandemic  04/15/2020 Part 4 Daily Sun
     State Board of Health offers guidelines for surviving 1918 influenza pandemic  04/13/2020 Part 3 Daily Sun
     1918 Influenza pandemic strikes home, with local cases and military victims  04/10/2020 Part 2 Daily Sun
     COVID-19 has parallel in “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918  04/09/2020 Part 1 Daily Sun
     Spanish Flu 1918  Union Leader 03/15/20
     The Deadliest Flu: The Complete Story of the Discovery and Reconstruction of the 1918 Pandemic Virus 
          Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
     1918 Pandemic Influenza Historic Timeline  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hurricane of 1938

Taken by  Storm: The Hurricane at Gilmanton Historical Society  Gilmanton Historical Society 09/20/2017


Fast-moving storm takes down trees, power at Sawyer Lake  08/07/2018 Laconia Daily Sun
National Weather Service confirms microburst hit Gilmanton 
  08/04/2018  WMUR Video  
  08/05/2018  WMUR Video  
  08/06/2018  WMUR Video  
  News Articles WMUR

Two buildings struck by lightning, three tornado warnings issued, streets heavily flooded in Friday Storm  08/04/2018 Laconia Daily Sun

Meadow Pond Road
Road Damage - 05/14/2006 Pic 1  Pic 2

Great Ice Storm of 1998 - Jan 05, 1998 – Gilmanton, NH – the “Great Ice Storm of 1998” An ice storm (January 5-9, 1998) that struck a large swath across three Canadian Provinces and much of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and New York caused massive damage to trees, leading to widespread and long-term power outages. Homeowners in the most severely hit areas spoke of hearing hours of thunderous “rifle shots” as tree limbs broke. An estimated 800,000 acres were damaged in central New Hampshire.

Blizzard of 1978

Windstorm of 1972

Tornado 1880