Community Plans

Master Plans
Gilmanton Master Plan 2018

Capital Improvements Plans
Capital Improvements Plan is Not Just A Wish List  NHMA March/April 2022
Capital Improvements Plan 2010-2015

Town Finances and Budgeting

Financial Policies NHMA March/April 2022

General Government Leadership Information

25 Tips for Newly Elected Local Government Officials NHMA March/April 2019
53 Ideas on How You Can Govern Better  NHMA March/April 2022
Choosing Civility: The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct  NHMA 2023

Crafting Rules of Procedure for Your Public Body NHMA March/April 2019

Excellence in Local Government: Building on Commitment, Civility and Cooperation  NHMA March/April 2019
Ex Officio Board/Commission Members  NHMA 2022
Healing Divisions in the Governing Body: Can't We All Just Get Along? NHMA 2018
How to Really Listen to Others  NHMA March/April 2019
Riggins Rules: Suggested Do's and Don'ts for the Conduct of Public Hearings and the Deportment of Chairmen and Members of Boards, Commissions and Other Bodies  NHMA March/April 2019

Historic Town Guidance - 1843
Guide to Officers of Towns -O fficial Duties - Forms, Directions and Legal Decisions - New Hampshire, 1843

Gifts, Legacies and Devises

In 1993, voters authorized the Selectmen to accept gifts of personal property other than money, which maybe offered to the town for any public purpose (as amended).  In 1996, voters authorized the Selectmen to accept on behalf of the Town gifts, legacies and devises made to the Town in trust for any public purpose

Myrtle M. Marsh - 1947 - Bequeathed the sum of one thousand dollars to the library of Gilmanton Iron Works, NH. "The residue of my estate to be divided equally between the town of Gilmanton Iron Works and Greenville, NH."

Public Officials

Selectman's Resignation-1949

Real Estate Taxation

Property Assessments and the Tax Rate - How They Relate  2022
Property Tax Coefficient of Dispersion 2021
Property Tax Rate Setting Overview 2017
Property Tax Rates - Gilmanton 1997-2021
Property Tax Rates - NH Communities NH DRA
Property Tax Revaluation  NHMA 2022
Property Tax: Understanding the Math, Dispelling the Myths NHMA 2012

Rules, Regulations, Ordinances

Parking Ordinances
Ordinance-Loon Pond Road Parking 1950

Zoning Ordinances
Zoning Ordinance 2022

Voting & Elections

Election Law - Frequently Asked Questions  NH Department of Justice
Financial Policies NHMA March/April 2022
Oath of Office for Municipal Officials NHMA 2021

Historic Voting Info
Voters List Update - Frost 1948